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CNC operators

A, position description:

Mainly responsible for assembly production line to follow up the production, the production of structure technology and follow up the confirmation, assembly production line guidance to follow up.

Second, requirements:

(1) familiar with structure and materials, and have a stronger ability to improve the structure of processing;

(2) familiar with production process and quality standard;

(3) to understand the product's design sex, can be productive, maintainability, etc.;

(4) to the product structure continues to improve and perfect the guiding opinions have and solution;

(5) has coordination and urged production line to continue to improve ability.

Recruitment categories:

Full release date: 10-04-12

Post category: other cell phone/communication technology, production/manufacturing, production project engineer

Age requirement: no

Professional requirements:

Sex requirement: no

Work areas: xiamen area registered permanent residence

Location: no requirements

Industry: work

Experience: no requirement

Education: bachelor degree or above

Foreign languages: no

The number 1: recruitment

Computer ability: no

Provide monthly salary: negotiable demands

Provide assessment:

Job title: production engineer


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